Friday, January 13, 2017


Few tips and information about CPR & AED Certification:

1. The most basic class available is the CPR and AED which cover all the age categories like infant, child and adult. AED is otherwise known as automated external defibrillator that helps to regain the breathing process. AED is used to prevent the unconscious or conscious choking. CPR and AED classes are suitable for personal trainers, babysitters, security guards, parents, teachers etc. So check whether the CPR Certification is providing CPR and AED classes.

2. Check whether the classes are providing certification for the course completed. Ensure that the course is taught either through American Safety and Health Institute or American Heart Association. This course is suitable for firefighters, medical personnel, doctors, dentists, nurses and paramedics. Most of the hospitals accept only the certification from AHA.

3. Find whether the classes are taken by professional instructors who hold certifications from Red Cross or American Heart Association. The instructors for CPR should meet the guidelines published specifically for instructors. Most of the professional instructors are medical personnel who receive training on CPR and are updating their knowledge on CPR by knowing the latest advancements and research.

4. Heart saver AED completion certification is also important for individuals without a medical background. Heart saver AED certification is for non medical professionals, it is important to make sure what type of courses are provided by the institution as there are many variations of CPR course available. You can select a course provider that provide Automated External Defibrillator, CPR and the conscious and unconscious choking courses. Ensure that the certification card has 2 years of validity.

5. Timings of the classes are also important. Find the one that provides classes on almost all days. You have to see whether they are providing group training also. A best CPR class provide you practical training through class room coaching. Class room training will provide you a practical knowledge how to do the techniques learned through reading or listening.

Ones the CPR Certification is provided by reputed institution you can practice this professionally or join any life saver teams, coast guards etc. Online class room teaching on a daily and weekly basis available at very reasonable prices. You can select your timings that are convenient for you by joining the CPR training class. Class room training provides step-by-step procedures and first aid lessons which can be learned thoroughly. They explain all the technical sides of CPR that includes dummies that reacts on your actions performed during practical classes